Cannabis laboratory

An advanced R&D facility at your fingertips and an unbiased, indisputable truth that supports your cannabis-related products.

Academically accredited confidential primary research, data, and testing as a turn-key solution within a fraction of the traditional research timetable.

We get it

Conducting primary research on cannabis can be complicated.


Confidently support concepts and diagnose issues in furtherance of data-backed decisions.


Data and product performance validation on actual cannabis plants in a controlled environment.


Academic collaboration and support.


Fast-tracked research, without internal or regulatory hurdles.

We are the pioneers of an unbiased, indisputable truth to support cannabis related products, services, and technologies.

We exist to deliver data in its purest form—to drive both progress and quality in the cannabis industry.
We offer a point of entry into the cannabis industry to international players.
We help establish data-backed products, decisions and standards to propel real growth and innovation.
We can mimic both real-world and extreme growing conditions and can fully adapt our environmental conditions according to specified parameters.

A simple process.

01 —Project Development

We work with you to develop research projects.

02 — Turnkey Research

Our facilities are full service, which means that we supply and care for the plants to provide turnkey research solutions.

03 — Academic Collaboration

We provide the option to work with researchers at universities who can provide specific expertise and author scientific publications.

04 — Data

We collect and maintain a detailed data record of each project, which is made available live and on-demand anywhere on the cloud.

05 — Confidential and Private

We ensure that your data is kept confidential, private and secure.

Access top-tier research facilities on a timeline that aligns with your commercial realities to drive new products and market penetration.

Avoid delays, operational complexity and capital costs related to your R&D projects.
Support your cannabis related product, service or technology with a detailed data record.
Resolve critical and time-sensitive issues with data backed decisions.
Access detailed, actionable and commercially relevant information to help grow your business.
Scientific working with cannabis related product
Our technology

Where research meets innovation.

Data is at the heart of our business. We have designed our own software from the ground up to provide advanced environmental analytics, remote monitoring, and artificial intelligence solutions.

Our state-of-the-art technology and proprietary software provide a continuous feed of environmental data.  We provide a comprehensive view of the growing environment down to the last data point to allow our customers and partners to mitigate risks, improve their operations and have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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We operate the most technically advanced cannabis R&D facility in the world. Our business model is based on providing a space for industry to carry out turnkey research projects in the cannabis space. Based in Canada, we work with clients all over the world.